Remote Management & Monitoring



We can help keep your Windows PCs safer from the myriad of online threats out there, by continuous monitoring for problems, and applying Windows security patches, keeping your anti-virus up-to-date, running scans for malware, updating your other applications, making automatic backups, securely managing passwords and much more.

Keep your PCs running at their best, reduce the threat of ransomware and other threats, keep track and control of your passwords, protect your data with backups, all without disrupting your use of your Windows PCs.

Remote Monitoring

We continually monitor your Windows PCs for problems, like being offline, running out of disk space, periodic reboots when they’re not in use, and much more. Checking on daily backups of your important data files to keep them safe. All without disrupting your use of your Windows PCs!

Remote Management

Checking for Windows updates, and applying them when the Windows PCs are not in use, to avoid downtime. Checking the status of your anti-virus and anti-malware software, and running full scans when the Windows PCs are not in use. Checking for software updates for your other applications, and applying them during off hours.

Password Management

We consolidate your passwords in one place, and control them so only authorized users can access them very easily. Now you don’t have to search for those passwords, or worry that former employees have access to them.

Automatic daily backups

We set up and monitor automatic daily backups of your PCs, to help protect your data files from accidental deletion and ransomware.

Security Defenses and Updates

We set up best-in-class anti-virus and anti-malware software, and monitor it to help ensure it is working, up-to-date, and doing periodic full scans for malware.