OK, so I've been waiting since this summer for Apple Music to come to Android, and it is finally available. As a long-time Spotify Premium user, the services are close to each other in such areas as selection and audio quality.


Apple has a slight edge in audio quality in my opinion, and selection is a little better (witness the spats with Taylor Swift and others, Adele may not make her new album available, etc.).


So, why am I switching?

While the Android app is still a beta, I believe that long-term, Apple will polish their app and I expect it will work better than Spotify. Especially on the iPhone. I already plan to switch from my Samsung Galaxy Note to an iPhone sometime in the next six months. Audio works much better on iPhones than on Android. Apps are better designed and are more reliable. Plus, the equalizer on Spotify on Android is hit-and-miss, where it has been built-in to iTunes on the iPhone for many years.


Another big difference? Local files. This is important because nearly everyone has old CDs or music from Indie sources that aren't on the major streaming services. iTunes has supported importing music files from the beginning. It is easy to create a playlist mixing cloud-streaming music and local music. On Spotify, it is nearly impossible. You have to know to go into Settings and manually enter your local music folders. Then click on Local Files and search through the dump of music. Most users will never figure it out.


Also, the family plans are different after 2 users. Apple Music charges $15/month for the Family Plan, just like Spotify. But Spotify only allows 2 users at that price - additional users are $5/month. Apple Music allows up to 6 users on that same $15/month Family Plan.


So I'll put up with the buginess of Apple Music on Android until I switch to the iPhone in the near future.


Download the Apple Music app from Google Play:


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