If you have an Android phone, ANY Android phone, new or old, you need to pay attention.

7 new vulnerabilities have been found in Android (all version up to and including 5.0 Lollipop) where a malicious MMS Text can take over your phone and install malware.

6 of the vulnerabilities were discovered in July, and a fix written. The fix has problems, so now there are 7 problems. Google has said it will not have a fix until at least September, and then you have to wait for your phone vender to vet the fix, and finally your carrier to vet it and decide if they will offer it as an update.

It is likely this will not be fixed soon. Maybe not ever if your phone is more than a year old.

So, what can you do? 


Turn off automatic download of MMS texts. These are old-fashioned texts with pictures attached. Most everyone uses email or Facebook now for this.

Why is this a problem? Because hackers are sending malicious texts to strangers, that's why. You could be next!

You need to determine your default Texting app on your phone, and then go into its settings and see if you can uncheck automatic MMS downloads.

If not, switch to another Texting app, there are many in the Google Play store, like Phone Warrior, the one I use.

This is a big black eye on Android (which I use at the moment). Apple iPhone users don't have this slow or never update problem, because Apple makes the devices and software, and directly sends the updates to the phones. Google on the other hand, doesn't update older versions of Android, and even then, you have the phone manufacturer and the carrier in the way of update deliveries. They each decide when or even if updates will be "allowed". So Android is insecure compared to iPhones and iPads because of this major difference (there are other reasons too, which I won't go into now).

If you don't believe me, check it out. Download the free and trustworthy Stagefright Detector (by Zimperium) from the Google Play store. You will see 3 or 4 or maybe all 7 vulnerabilities on your phone. Contact your carrier, and you'll hear: *crickets*  No word from them. It could be months before an update, or never. In the meantime, you are a sitting duck for the hackers. Seriously!


So, take control, don't wait on Google, your phone manufacturer and cellular carrier to get their act together to protect you. Take action today and turn off automatic MMS text downloading.

Do it now. I'll wait ;-)

And maybe consider getting an iPhone for your next smartphone.

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