Today, Adobe released updates to patch the worst possible security holes in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader. Also, Oracle issued patches to Java for 25 security vulnerabilities. The Adobe Flash Player and Java security holes allowed a hacker to silently take over your computer!

My answer: Get rid of all three! You don't need them!


"But" you say "I need Flash to watch videos!". No you don't.

"But" you say "I need Reader to view PDFs!". No you don't.

"But" you say "Java was on my computer, so I must need it!". No you don't.

1. Use the Google Chrome web browser, which has its *own* Flash player built-in, but more importantly, updates it automatically and silently! Get it here: 

2. PDF is a standard format. Lots of programs can view PDFs, like Sumatra PDF (free, and runs very fast). Get it here:

3. Java - you just don't need it, period.

So do yourself a favor - go into Control Panel / Programs and uninstall all three and sleep a little more soundly at night!


Apparently, others agree!

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