Executive Summary:

A serious vulnerability has been identified in bash, the command shell used by nearly all Linux, Mac and Unix computers and servers. Our servers have been patched. Normal user Macs, while technically vulnerable, because they do not "serve" files to the outside world, have no practical impact and so those users do not need to fret about this.


Just a heads up to let everyone know that I'm already on this. I heard about it yesterday, before it hit the mainstream news.


I've already applied the updates to bash that are available, although I expect at least one more update shortly. Experts disagree on whether the first patch (that has been applied) is enough. So if further patches are issued, they will be applied as well.

In addition to patching the servers, I've modified the firewalls and server configuration to further lock things down.

For those that haven't heard, here is an article with (mostly) accurate information:

Mac users: you have nothing to worry about unless you are running a web server on your Mac...which of course none of you are! Apple will be issuing a fix to bash for the Mac shortly nonetheless, I'm sure.

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