After many years of using the (formerly) excellent SimpleNote service on my Mac and iPad, I'm switching to... (drum roll) 

Microsoft OneNote 

For those not familiar with SimpleNote, it is a plain text note-taking service, that syncs all your text notes in the Cloud. They have been around for so long that I don't even think it was called the "Cloud" when they started. It started on the Mac with a web app, and eventually there was a Mac app and an iOS app.

During this time, I used it heavily, with nary a problem.

Then things took a turn for the worst.

I started using Android, and used Simplenote with third-party apps. And the syncing problems started. Simplenote released a native Android app.

I tried various apps on Android as well as the native app. 

Once I went to a seminar and took notes for several hours. Simplenote scrambled the note badly, repeating sections of it like 20 times. And this was on an Android tablet with 24x7 Internet via Verizon 4G. So it was not a connectivity problem.

I'm officially throwing in the towel on SimpleNote. I just cannot be having to constantly double-check my notes to see if important parts have disappeared. This would often happen *after* I had created the note. The next time I checked, part of it was missing.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, suprisingly, has seen (a little of) the light and made its OneNote note syncing service cross-platform, and it is free to use. So it is available on Windows (natch), Mac, iOS and Android. And there is a Google Chrome extension that works on Linux. So at least, the coverage is good for me.

We'll see. I'll report back after using it for a while.

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