Windows XP, 2001-2014, R.I.P.Windows XP and Office 2003

Microsoft is dropping support of Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. So should you throw your Windows XP computer in the trash, and run out and buy another one? What about Office?, you should not necessarily throw out your computer. 

Windows XP end-of-life means no more security updates from Microsoft, for Windows XP or Office 2003. But that is not how most Windows XP computers get infected.

Other software, like anti-virus, will continue to be updated for computers running Windows XP, for some time to come.

The majority of malware comes in through applications, not the operating system. Applications like:


  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader
  • Java

We actually recommend uninstalling all three of the above. Then use the Google Chrome web browser, which has Adobe Flash Player built-in, and more importantly, keeps it updated.

Don't use Java, you don't need it.

And use an alternative to Adobe Reader.

Create a new userid with Administrator access, and demote your regular userid to Standard (not Administrative) access. Then use that everyday. Only login as Administrator when you need to install software.

More than 90% of malware infections are stopped by not running as an Administrator!

So, get rid of those three applications, run as a Standard (not Administor) user, and be careful. And continue to use Windows XP, until it is convenient for *you* to upgrade.

Whether you upgrade or not, we do recommend you get a computer tuneup annually, to maintain the hard drive, update all your software, and provide the best protection possible from malware. See the end of this post for more information.

What about Office 2003? If you exchange documents with Office users, then get a newer version of Office. Otherwise, is a free alternative, that can read and write all versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

For more information, read "lifehacker: How To Deal With The Death Of Windows XP"


Windows 8

However, the writing is on the wall, and Windows 8 is the current Windows out there. What about Windows 8?

In many ways, Windows 8 is the best Windows yet. It runs faster, and is more secure, than Windows 7. The problem for most people is that it has a split personality - it can't decide if it is a desktop system or a tablet system. Users coming from an earlier version of Windows, especially if they don't have a touch screen, can be very frustrated by the hidden features that prefer a touchscreen. And it robs productivity to be switching between Desktop and Tablet views all the time.

However, with a Windows 8.1 upgrade, some (unreleased) patches from Microsoft, and third-party software, you can have Windows 8's best features, while keeping what you already know.

That's what I'm using to write this article, and it is working well. And that is how we set up Windows 8 computers that we tuneup.

So yes, even that new computer can use a tuneup. They typically come with trial anti-malware and other software that is the worst you can find. We get rid of the crapware that the PC vendors pre-install, and set you up for the best possible experience, with protection from malware, some of the best software, and can make Windows 8 a pleasure to use.


Computer Tuneup Service

Stop making things hard on yourself!

We can clean up your computer and get it running good again, and protect you from malware, viruses and spyware.

We back up your data before we begin, and will do whatever is needed all the way to reinstalling Windows, hardware repair*, virus, spyware and malware removal. We also set you up with the best software for email and surfing the Internet, so you don't end up with a reinfected computer in short order ;-)

When we're done, your computer is better than it was when it was new, because it is protected and has quality software, not the useless crapware and trialware that the PC makers stuff into the computer. We don't do that, either.

The price? Just $139 for our customers, regardless of how much work we do. And we offer volume discounts, when you tuneup more than one computer at a time.

Email or Call 864-724-9112 today!

* parts additional - if parts are needed, we will contact you

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