Mac OS X has had this for a while. Imagine your finger on the mouse scroll wheel like it is touching the screen, like on a tablet. Push your finger forward, and the content slides up. That is "natural" scrolling. Once you use it with a trackpad or phone or tablet, it is ingrained into your muscle memory everywhere...except with a mouse on Windows.


Yes, Windows has a trackpad setting to "invert" scrolling direction. But the setting to invert mouse scrolling to natural is not built-in to Windows, it is a hit-and-miss proposition, depending on the mouse driver from the vendor. Many PCs don't have it.


Here is the answer: X-Mouse Button Control


It is free software, that will run on any version of Windows. It installs and runs in the System Tray. Open it and click on the "Scrolling & Navigation" tab. Check "Invert mouse wheel scrolling". I also checked "Invert mouse horizontal (tilt) scrolling" for my Microsoft bluetooth wireless mouse, which had the horizontal scrolling messed up too.


Ahh. Sit back and bask in the natural scrolling goodness.


I have no idea why this is not standard in Windows, or at least an option. I don't mean in a specific vendor mouse driver (some have it, some don't), I mean in Windows. Sigh. So close and yet so far, Microsoft! You go to all this trouble to make Windows 10 a winner...but leave out proper mouse scrolling.


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Download X-Mouse Control Button here:

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