Some services are finally adding Two-Factor Authentication, which adds "something you have", a code, to your email address and password, to be able to login. This helps to keep your account more secure.


Now, Amazon is joining them!


Here is how to set it up:


Go to in your web browser.

Click on Your Account in the top menu.

Scroll down to the Settings section. Under Account Settings, click "Change Account Settings".

On the next page, click on "Edit" by "Advanced Security Settings".

On the next page, click "Get Started" by "Two-Step Verification".

On the next page, select either "Text message (SMS)" or "Authenticator App.

Text/SMS is more convenient for most people, but is less secure. A hacker could possibly get control of your texting and then take over your Amazon account.


To use an Authenticator App, you need a smartphone like Android or iPhone, and an app like Google Authenticator or Authy. You will need to run the app to get the random code that changes every 30 seconds. Like this:


Authy example


If you go with an Authenticator App, Amazon will display a QR code. Launch your Authenticator App and tell it to add an account. It will turn on the camera and read the QR code and add it. Done!


Either way, you login with your email address, Amazon password, and the code, whether you received it via text or an Authenticator App.


I like Authy, because I can store multiple authenticator accounts in there, and it syncs the keys via the cloud. They also have a Chrome App for my computer, so I can just click on the service in question, and then copy the code to the clipboard, ready to paste into the web page to login.


Authy supports a ton of services, like Facebook, Dropbox, Lastpass, Google and many more.


Even if you use an authenticator app, you *can* use text/SMS as a backup. Just realize it is not as secure.


Read more about Two-Factor Authentication, with searchable directions for turning it on for some popular services:


Read more about this and the security implications on the Brian Krebs security blog here:

How to Enable Multifactor Security on Amazon



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