Microsoft has finally followed the lead of Apple on their mobile devices and computers, and added a "Find My Device" function in the latest major update to Windows 10.



If you don't see the option, go to the first option, "Windows Update" and apply all upates. It should show up after you're done.


To turn it on, click on the Start button, then Settings, then Update & Security. It is the next to last option.


Click on "Save my device's location periodically" and then make sure the toggle is on - it is off by default.



So, how does it work? Basically, it uses your devices location services, which probably doesn't include a GPS device. But it does look at the Wifi networks nearby, as well as your wired Ethernet connection's public IP address, to come up with a general location.


This could be very handy if your laptop is lost or stolen!


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