Frequently Asked Questions - marketing

FAQs - marketing

Login to the Plesk Control Panel with your site administrator username and password. See your email for directions including the URL, username and password to use.

Click on the “Mail” tab

Click on the “Mailing Lists” tab

To add/remove/change members of the list, click the list name. Add addresses on a new line. Remove address by clicking to the left of the beginning of the email address, pressing shift + the down arrow to highlight the entire line, and pressing the delete key. When you are done adding, changing and deleting, press OK to save the changes.

Any email address(es) classed as a moderator can post. When you do, the post will go right out, IF:

1) You post from a moderator email account
2) You put the mailing list address in the TO: or CC: field (not the BCC: field)

If anyone else tries to post to the list, the post will be held (moderated), and you must approve the post. This prevents list members or outsiders from posting to the list and spamming everyone. You will receive an email telling you that at least one post is waiting to be moderated. You can either click the link in the email notification, or just click on “Manage the list” on the right. Enter your password (above) and then  click “Tend to pending moderator requests”. Click “Accept” and click “Submit All Data” to approve all messages being held, if that is what you want to do. You can also Discard or even ban email addresses from the list (e.g. in the case of persistent spammers trying to blast the list).

For example, the above example shows someone requesting to subscribe to your list. Click "Approve" and "Submit All Data" to approve it. Or "Reject" (to send a rejection email back to them) or "Discard" to simply throw away the request with no notice.

The above is for a message that was held from being posted to the list. Click "Accept" and "Submit All Data" if you want to send it to the list.

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